Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Love ~ The Bryans

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kids Christmas Party ~ State Farm

State Farm hosted a Christmas party for employees kids.
Lots of festive fun for all to enjoy...Santa and Mrs. Claus, making
a photo holder, decorating sugar cookies, the balloon man
and getting a gift card to spend.

Will sat with Santa to tell him all the exciting things he wants
for Christmas. I love this pic...Will's face is precious!
(just looking at Santa)

maybe even checking him out

This was a great way for Rhett to see Santa. He still
is not so sure about him...remember last year? He did
give him some high fives and eventually sat with him
for a minute.

enjoying a candy cane

Will glittering his photo holder.

helping him out just a bit

Now, onto decorating cookies...Rhett did not want his
decorated...he just started eating and smiling.

Of course, Will's had chocolate frosting...YUM!

See, Rhett did not want to get too close.

some more high fives

Santa decided to scoop him up but he still wanted down.

waiting for the balloon man

Will's whale

Rhett's dinosaur

checking out Daddy's office

We all enjoyed our time at the State Farm Christmas Party!
We are getting ready for Christmas...I bet you are too!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Niagara Falls ~ Arrival

Waiting to get into exciting!
We had our passports ready.

The first view of Niagara Falls...from our hotel room.

resting from the drive

checking out The Falls

look how close we got to The Falls

Of course...we had to visit Outback.
(the flowers are beautiful)

Rhett enjoyed The Falls too!
I look like the seasoned book in backpack.
Ready to see it all!

Such an amazing, fun trip! We are so glad that MawMaw
was with us on this trip! Can't wait till our next adventure.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Niagara Falls ~ Journey to the Falls

Lots of rainbows in Niagara Falls!

Rhett looking out the window at The Falls.

The boys getting ready to get on the rail car.

The view from the rail car.

We all enjoyed watching the movie on how the
falls were formed...then we entered another room
for a wonderful ride through the falls...of course we
got wet so the ponchos came in handy.

Now, onto Journey of the Falls!

The Journey takes you behind the falls. Look how
close we were...almost like you could touch the water.

Behind the Falls

waiting for the bus

having fun together

steam from The Falls

All the hotels are close to The Falls...I think our hotel
has the best view!

This day was so much fun! The Falls are beautiful!