Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 2 ~ Magic Kingdom

On day 2...our first park day, we explored Magic Kingdom!
We arrived before the park opened...there was a performance
already going on. It was magical! We all were so excited!
(prepare yourself for picture overload)

We made memories!

The first time Rhett saw "The Castle!"
He had been talking about the castle for months before
our trip. We had a Disney vacation video that he had
been watching. Also, on all the Disney movies the castle
is shown at the beginning and he caught on very quickly!

Dumbo was our first ride. I think it is the oldest ride
at Disney and the lines get really! So, we wanted
to ride it first!

While Mimi waited in line for us, we stopped to
see Pinocchio.

The sun is in my eyes!
try again...

that sun

Mickey's Philarmagic...Rhett did not like this movie!

The step mother and ugly step sisters
from Cinderella

Buzz Lightyear...This was Will's very favorite ride from
his first trip to Disney and it was Rhett's favorite too!
He is still saying, "I want to ride the Buzz ride again!"

Mimi had fun shooting the laser gun.

and so did Rhett

Evil Emperor Zurg

Chip and Dale

Will's very first "BIG" roller coaster to ride...
Space Mountain!
He loved it and rode it 4 times!

Mickey and Minnie

waiting for the show to begin

Look who Rhett has in his hand...Woody!

This show is wonderful...just a little hot because
you are in the sun for a while.

Onto Pirates

a little snack break

Rhett took a small nap while Jeremy and Will
did the Haunted Mansion.

Another one of Will's favorite coasters...
We utilized the fast pass soo much! Will got to
ride multiple times.

waiting for the parade

Rhett stayed entertained by spraying us with the
spray bottle. (the water felt good)

Aladdin's Magic Carpet

This man did amazing silhouettes...I had been wanting
these for a while. He is so talented, he cut
out their silhouette free hand!

Waiting for their Mickey Mouse Ears

stitching their names on their ears

Rhett's first pair of ears...just like Will's!
Will chose R2D2 this time.


At the 2nd parade of the day...see he has Woody in his hand.
That Woody came in handy! This parade was one that we were
going to skip but a disney employee informed us that this
is the parade you do not want to miss if you love Woody.
So, we did not miss it! It was the most exciting moment of the
day. We had the BEST seat to see Woody!
Woody danced with Rhett and even held his hand
and walked around with him. I think I was the most excited
parent have to see the is funny!
We did not even get pics of this because Will was not into
dancing with Woody so he and Mimi watched. By the time I got
their attention it was too late to take pics...But Jeremy got lots of
video of this moment.

I will remember this forever!

The 3rd parade of the day...The Electrical Parade!

A wonderful end to a full day...Tinkerbell and the
Wishes fireworks show.

One tired little boy...15 hours at Magic Kingdom!

It was soo magical!
Day 3, Epcot...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Disney World ~ May 2011

In May, we took a trip to Disney World. It had been
5 years since we had taken Will. Will was 3 yrs. the
first time he experienced Disney...and it was so much fun!
We thought this year would be great because Rhett was
3 yrs. too. Mimi and MawMaw joined us the first trip
to Disney but this time only Mimi went. (we missed MawMaw)

Will and Rhett waiting for the plane ride.
They were all set with their DS games and toys.

They both enjoyed a snack and then it was nap time.
Will read his book and tried to take a nap...and
Rhett decided to just take a nap.

On the Magical Express to the ALL-STAR SPORTS RESORT!

Just to let you know...the employees at the All-star Sports Resort
were the nicest! They gave Rhett a button to wear to let
everyone know it was his 1st trip to Disney! They also gave
Will and Rhett autograph books and pens. Jeremy met an
employee who was from the Tyler area...small world.

Our room was by the football field.

We went to Downtown Disney after we got settled in.
We walked around and ate at T~Rex...very neat
atmosphere...and they have one of the best salads
I have ever had.

Always love to see Woody and Buzz!

On the bus...back to the resort to wait for Mimi to arrive.

Ready to swim!
I love this pic of them sitting together on the helmet!

Mimi arrived!!


outdoor movie

and snacking

Having fun and we have not even been to the park...
Tomorrow...Magic Kingdom!