Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gettting ready

Getting ready for Mimi and Pop to visit us!
The boys can't wait!
While they are here, we have lots to do!
(and a very special daddy's birthday to celebrate)
Can't wait!

I really love this pic of them!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last Day of 2nd Grade

Will's last day of 2nd grade was emotional for
me and Will. We both cried! (surprising?)
Will had such a great year...Mrs. Middlebrooks
was such a great teacher. We have been blessed
because he has had great teachers at
Woodland Elementary! Mrs. Middlebrooks had
the last day of school planned out for her students.
Rhett and I arrived around 10:30am and this is what
we saw...the class was having a hula hoop contest!

Mrs. Middlebrooks and Jace

After that was done, Mrs. Middlebrooks had a special
surprise for the class...(Will already knew what it was.)
Ethan was there! When he walked in most of the kids
were shocked and did not know what to say...a girl
in their class cried. Ethan started 2nd grade with this
class but moved in November. (Will and Ethan
had been in the same class since Kinder.
Ethan was Will's 1st buddy here in MI.)
The class had kept in touch with him through pen pal letters.
Bethany had arranged for them to be in town on the last day of
school where Ethan could finish with his buddies!
It was a great day!

Rhett and Avery enjoying "Thunder Cake"

Mrs. Middlebrooks gave her students "special"
awards...some the students voted on and others
she picked! Will received...Class Book Worm, Star Student for
being safe, responsible and respectful, Perfect in Penmanship,
Super Speller, and the Mathematics Award! WOW!

Avery, Rhett and Will
waiting for the 5th graders to walk down
the halls one more time
before going to Middle School

Mrs. Cussey and Will
(this is Mrs. Middlebrooks' mother)
She helped in the room and all the kids loved her!

Will and Mrs. Middlebrooks

We are so thankful that she was Will's teacher.
Jeremy did Jr. Achievement in Will's class once a
week during the spring...so we all got close to her!
We will miss her this year!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This was Rhett at the beginning of the year.
He was practicing to be potty trained...that did
not last long.

Now, he is!! Yay for Rhett! On July 25th, I decided
it was time to start trying again...and by the end of the
week...he was potty trained! He has done the "Big" stuff
too...if you know what I mean?! We have had some tummy
issues the last couple of days but I think we have that under control
now...so I am hoping we will continue with both in the potty!

He had done such a great job so that meant celebrating....
at Chuck E. Cheese's on Sunday!

Jace, Rhett and Will

loves to slide

Chucky came out to celebrate!

and loves the roller coasters

We went to Chili's for supper...Rhett had his
usual...goldfish and oreos.

So proud of him! He is really growing up everyday!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 6 ~ Universal Studios

Day 6...Universal Studios
Will and Rhett were excited to see Harry Potter!
Since Universal is not a part of Disney, we had to
schedule a bus to pick us up at our resort. It was a
drive to get to Universal...maybe 30 min...(not bad)

Here are our Harry Potters

walking into Universal...restaurants and shops

Of course, our first stop...

The fast pass system is not the same at U.S. as
it is at Disney...you have to purchase it and we
did not think it was a good investment.
So our first ride was in the castle!
I think we had to wait about 30 min.
(not too bad because when we got out, there was
a 1 and 1/2 hour wait)

another ride that Jeremy and Will rode


You see Will's hat? Really...it is Rhett's but
we wanted Will to get to ride this ride...he
wore Rhett's hat like this until he passed the
measurement test!
(doesn't he look like a farmer)

walking into the castle

some of these portraits talk

Child switch waiting room...Rhett watched some
of Harry Potter and Mimi was talking to some
girls who just got off the ride...Mimi decided it
was not for her. When Will got done riding with
Jeremy, he decided he did not want to ride
it again...so Jeremy rode it with me!

This section was packed...and it is not very big.
Everyone had told us to try the "Butter Beer" but
the line was so long...so we passed it up.

Frog Choir

on our way to Seuss Landing

Here we go, go, go, go on an adventure...

Rhett loved this ride!

Mimi did too!

Rhett even wanted to hold one hand up like on a
real roller coaster!

The ride took you through Seuss Cafe.

onto the carousal

and then to a ride that gets you wet

Mimi and I were up for it so Daddy took pics!

Dora and Jimmy Neutron

streets of Hollywood


Fear Factor

just like the show

Woody Woodpecker

For MawMaw...do you see Will?


Busy day!
Mimi was out on our ride back to
the resort...

and Rhett too!

Will had been wanting to get a carricature
drawn so we did it when we got back to the resort.
Jeremy starting talking to the artist and found
out he was an animator for a number of Star Wars, Pixar and Disney films.

Such a fun day!

Man, we enjoyed our vacation soo much!
But after you leave Disney you need another vacation
because you do not relax...it is go, go, go!
We are so glad Mimi got to experience it with us!
I know Will and Rhett will remember this forever!
(and we will too)
It is soo much fun making memories!
Can't wait to go on the Disney Cruise...one day!