Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Double Digits

I can't believe this boy has hit double digits!!  It seems like yesterday
we were flying to Tyler to meet him!  He is such a special
boy!  Lots has go on in his life this year.  I will have to get this
blog updated on everything he has done.  I am so proud of him!

Happy 10th Birthday Will!

You made me a Mama!!  I love you!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ella Jean

I can't believe it...Ella Jean is turning ONE!

Happy 1st Birthday!  You are a doll!
We can't wait to see you in a couple of days!
We will celebrate with you then.
We love you!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I have not been good about updating this blog.:(
I really want to but other things get in the way.
I wanted to post about 2 birthdays in October.
Mimi and MawMaw both have birthdays in October.
Mimi's is the 9th and MawMaw's is the 13th.
We wish we could have been in Texas to celebrate with
both of them.  We love them both so much!

Mimi and MawMaw, we hope you both had a very
happy birthday.  Both of you deserve it!  Y'all are so
special to us and we miss y'all LOTS!!

Also, there is another little cutie that is going to be celebrating
her birthday soon!  I can't believe 1 year has flown by!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!
Just thinking about our fun time in Destin this summer!

It is getting cold here in Bloomington!  We better get ready
for cold, breezy days!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


We are waiting on Mimi and Pop to arrive today!

While we wait, we will watch Will play 2 soccer games!

Be safe Mimi and Pop!
We can't wait to see yall!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

7th Grade Football

We are wishing Graham "Good Luck" tonight
playing his first 7th grade football game!
First, I can't believe he is in 7th grade!
Second, I can't believe he is old enough to play football!
Wow!  These kids are growing up too fast!
Also, I hope he got to wear his football jersey to school
today.  That was always a highlight!  I loved wearing my
cheerleading uniform!  Fun times!

this pic was taken this summer...we were all
headed to the Cards game on the MetroLink

Graham, we hope you have so much fun playing tonight!
We will be thinking about you!
Play Hard!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vintage Light

When we bought this house, the dining room
had a fan in it!  (that way you could use this room as
an office or dining room)  We did not want a fan
in our dining room.  So, Jeremy was on a mission
to find something unique to hang.  He found this 
clam basket at the 3rd Sunday Market.  It started off as a 
basket and ended up as a light.  Looks perfect in our
dining room!  We both love going to the market and
looking around...sometimes we find some treasures and
other times we don't.

The fun of it is not knowing what you may find!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

MawMaw's Visit

MawMaw came to our new house in Illinois in May.
I know this seems like forever ago...but I am just now
getting to share pics from her trip.  It was wonderful
because she got to come for Mother's Day weekend.
I am so glad she did!  

We picked her up from the airport, ate some supper and
then headed to Will's baseball game.

MawMaw and Rhett waiting for the game to start!

Jeremy helped with Will and Rhett's team!  

On Saturday morning, we had to take MawMaw to 
Will and Rhett's favorite breakfast place...Krispy Kreme!
Then we headed to Rhett's baseball game...Will and
Rhett both were on the Marlins team.  
We all helped with Rhett's team!

He is ready!

MawMaw and Will watching Rhett!

Of course, we had some shopping to do after the
games...Will always likes Pok-e-mon cards!

Will had a school project to do while MawMaw
was here...he interviewed her about her schooling.

On Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day!
We went to one of our favorites...Biaggi's!
It was delicious and even better because MawMaw
was with us!

Thank you MawMaw for coming to Illinois to 
see us...we loved it when you were here.
We are very thankful for you!
Our moms are very special to us!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

1st day of 4s Preschool

Rhett's first day of 4s preschool was yesterday!
He has been waiting for this day for a long time!
He missed his Little Miracles class this summer!
He did get to go to a kids camp at his new preschool
this summer...and he met his new teachers there.
He is going to preschool at Calvary United Methodist Preschool.
Daddy surprised him yesterday and had lunch with us at 
Rhett's pick...Culvers and then came to school too!
We went with Rhett his first day and the teachers
had a fun scavenger hunt for the parents to help 
the kids with...that way they could explore their new class.
It worked out well.  

He can not wait to go back today!
His teachers are Mr. Tilford and Mrs. Masten.

Monday, August 27, 2012

More from Austin

These are the last pics from my Austin trip!
While I was there, I visited my dear friend Kelli too.
I had lots of fun!  The perfect birthday trip from
my boys!  

Thank yall so much!
Also, thank you to our family, the Berdolls!  They made us all
feel right at home in the orchard!  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fourth Grade

Will has started 4th grade!  Wow!
Where does time go?
This boy is growing up too fast...slow down!
On Tuesday night, we all went to "Back to School"
night.  This is where he met his teacher...Mrs. Ernst!
This is her 1st year to teach...I remember my first year
as a teacher!  I still think of some of my students from
that year!  She was an intern at Fox Creek last year
in 4th she knows how it works!  
I know he is going to have a great year!

Looks like we will be buying a new backpack this
weekend...he wanted this backpack but has
changed his mind.  (did I mention, he is
growing up...we need the plain kind now)

BTW, I loved 4th grade...that is the year that I knew
for sure I wanted to be a teacher...Mrs. Haynes was
wonderful!  Also, this is the year I met one of my dear friends,
Holly...which is a teacher too!  We had a great year and I wish
the same for Will!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Celebrating Daddy

For Jeremy's 39th birthday, we enjoyed dinner
at a local place in Normal...Medici!
It was delicious!  This tree that J, W & R are by
is in the middle of the restaurant.  (pretty cool)
Then we headed home to have birthday cake!

We had fun celebrating Dad!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the BEST daddy two boys could have!

We hope you have a wonderful day...even though you 
have to go to work!
We love you more than you know!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dresses in the Orchard

We had fun trying to take pics of these three!

Aren't they cute in their Mexican Dresses!

Friday, August 17, 2012

CL Treasures

On our way back to Berdoll Lane, we stopped
at the pecan store to have our pic made with
"Pearl the Squirrel!"
It was a hoot trying to get on
Miss Pearl!

All of our treasures!

Mom showing off her signed CL book!

We all had so much fun shopping together!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Country Living Fair ~ Austin

This is one reason Jeremy and the boys got me 
a plane ticket to Austin...The Country Living Fair!
I went with my friend, Ashley from Kalamazoo, to the
Columbus, Ohio Fair 2 years ago.  We had a great time!
So, when I saw the fair was coming to Austin for the 
first time...I told Mom that she needed to go.  Of course, Pat
wanted to it worked out perfect!  Also, Lin's MIL, Janet
was going to have her booth set up with her unique, handmade jewelry.
So Tina joined Mom on the journey and Lin, Jake and the girls did too!

Lin, Me, Tina, Janet, Mom and Pat

"Skip to my Lou"  Janet's Jewelry
Every piece of her jewelry is unique.  No two pieces
are the same.  She even travels to Paris to get some of her
pieces to make her jewelry.  She also puts every piece on
an old vintage portrait you can see...and writes
a small story on the back.  (sometimes letting the buyer
know where she found the piece)

Katy came!

Mom and daughter

The editor from CL was there...Mom and Tina
had bought a CL book and had her sign it!

We all wanted a pic with her!

This pic is so funny...look at mom's face!

I forget what these girls were called but each group had 
a name...they have decorated these vintage campers and
they travel around setting them up!  Mainly, just for fun!
Tina has purchased her a vintage camper and is having
it refurbished...that way she can decorate it.


too cute...looks cozy!

the chicken pic

Pat bought Brooke a cute booster!


Here is Brooke, Ella and Marlee's boosters!
Tina is breaking in Marlee's!

The indoor part of the show...this is where the Austin
Rodeo takes place.  Also, Katy works for Austin Rodeo so
she is here lots!  She and Pat had us set for this show!
Early Bird tickets and all...thank you!

lots of demonstrations were happening

Mom and Tina ran into some people they knew!


What a fun time we had!

Time for us all to catch up!

next time...the purchases we made