Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Uncle Kevin

Yesterday was Uncle Kevin's birthday!
We decided, since we have never tried Skype before,
to try it out. It was fun! The kids really enjoyed
getting to see some of our family.
And best of all, we got to see Uncle Kevin
open his birthday gift! We sang "happy birthday"
and got to see him blow out his candles...with
the help of Graham and Jolie.

Happy Birthday Uncle Kevin!
We love you!

The Texas Bryan Family
Aunt Mollie, Uncle Kevin, Graham and Jolie
See yall in June!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We had a great weekend. "Hairspray" was too cute!
Sunday we went to church and on our way we could see grass,
roads and almost everything else that snow could cover. church was letting out we noticed we could not
see the once dry parking lot. It was snowing HUGE flakes
and had been since we had been there. Oh my, the snow was
back. The weather forecast had predicted that we were
to have a winter were they right! The snow
turned to rain and then the rain turned to ICE.

This picture does not do this moon justice! On Saturday,
we took at trip to Mishawaka, IN. We wanted to go to Dick's
Sporting Goods and eat at Chick~fil~A! (mainly eat at Chick~fil~A)
We made a day of it...ate at Chick~fil~A twice, got what we needed
for Will at Dick's, checked out Super Target and drove around
Notre Dame. On our way home we got to watch this AMAZING
moon. When we first spotted it, it was low, huge and bright orange!
We watched it all the way was beautiful!

Sunday night was weird...the power was on and off
through the first half of the night and then about
2:00am the power was OUT! I thought it would
be right back on but that was not the case. We just got
power Tuesday afternoon about 2:00pm. So, Will did not
have school Monday or Tuesday...Daddy did not have work either.
Monday was filled with going to Panera for breakfast, playing
games at home, playing ds and i touch (until they were dead),
going out again for lunch and supper.

here we are playing Toy Story 3 Kerplunk
(thanks MawMaw)
It is such a fun game!

onto watercolors and drawing

Rhett pretended to write his name on
"Drew's Woody"

now onto trains
You can see we played lots!

On Monday afternoon, I got a call from a friend that
she and her son were on their way to the hospital.
We wanted to help so I got on some decent clothes and headed
to the hospital. The boys stayed with Jeremy and played more.
(remember we still do not have power...LOTS of people didn't)
When dark came...the boys headed back to Panera for supper!
After being at the hospital for a little bit, I came back home and
we all used flashlights. We stayed at home because our fireplace
kept us WARM. On Tuesday, we went to our friends house to
stay with their daughter and we all got freshened up! It worked
out well. We did end up getting power about 2:00pm so Jeremy
came home and got the house back into shape.....THANKS!

It is now Wednesday and things are getting back to normal.
WOW, what a weird last couple of days! We are all so thankful
for our electricity! My friend and her son are still at the hospital
but will get to come home today. YEA! He is going to be okay, just
will have a lifestyle change...nothing they can't handle. God has
been with them through all of this! We will be praying that God
will help them get adjusted to this "NEW" way of living.

PHEW....what a long post...SORRY...just wanted to update you.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Looking forward to the weekend!

Will and Rhett addressing their Valentines.
Will chose Harry Potter and Rhett chose Toy Story 3.

Will and I are going to the play "Hairspray" tonight.
We are both excited...2 of our neighbors are in it.
Jeremy and Rhett will join us for supper and then they
will get to spend some time together.
Hope yall have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Snowman Buliding

This past weekend we all got outside to build
"FRrOsTy!" It was hard work.

just playing in the snow

starting to build our snowman

Avery, check out my gloves...I really like them!

The boys were getting a little tired of building the
snowman so they played with spray bottles filled
with food coloring. That kept them busy for a
little bit.

Almost there...Will hunted for his arms.
He found some in the backyard.

The finishing touches...Did I mention?...Daddy
did most of the work!

Thanks to the Texas Bryans...we had a cute
snowman kit to use.

We all needed our picture with him.
We knew he would melt away soon because
the weather is warming up here in Michigan.

Will takes good pictures!

What a fun, warm day to build a cute snowman!
By the way, he has already melted...the weather has
been pretty nice for the past couple of days. We can see
some grass...but wait...more cold weather is to come.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Fun

Valentine's Day was fun! I had fun planning, decorating and
crafting for this special day!

me and Will at his school party

Will and his buddies

Bryan Bros
Rhett loved going through Will's candy!

Rhett even got to decorate his bug hat!

Having fun opening our Valentines!
I love Jeremy and Will's expression,
they were really laughing at something.

How cute is this bag and bracelets?!
Jeremy, Will and Rhett know what I like!

We all had a great day! We had celebrated
on Sunday by going to one of our favorites...Outback!
On Monday, Valentine's Day, Jeremy came home
to keep Rhett while I joined Will at school to have his
Valentine's Day party. When we got home we all
opened up our Valentines! Then we had a great
Valentine's supper at home! What a fun night!
Thank you to our family and friends for sending all of
us sweet Valentine cards and gifts!

Friday, February 11, 2011

This Week

This week started off with a BANG!
I was going to get Rhett potty trained.
Well, we tried Monday...and he is not ready
yet. I guess that is okay...we will try again
soon. But he does look so cute in his underware!
(and socks)

Chuck ~E~ Cheese's
Rhett has been looking forward to this night for a while.
He loves this place!

Will loves to collect as many tickets as possible.

Rhett riding the horse made me laugh so hard.
This ride is too fun!

This ride was fun too....I think Rhett is going to
like riding roller coasters...I hope so, I need a partner!

Will decided to try out a ride too...even though
he did not collect any tickets.
(the boy riding with Will was his "book buddy" last year)

Having fun together!

Today, we all went and had lunch with Will.
On Fridays, they get to watch a movie while they
eat. Rhett loved this!

wanting to watch the movie and not eat his grilled cheese

It has been a wonderful week!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Just wanted to let you know that Rhett
still adores "Woody!" He loves coloring too!

One day, he wanted to put on his "Woody" costume
and watch Toy Story 3. He wanted "Woody" and
"Jessie" to join him. He set them up just right where
they could enjoy the movie too.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sock Monkey

My sock monkey scarf has really come in handy
these past couple of weeks!
Thank you Ricky and Janet!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Fun

Friday night, Will had some friends spend the night.
They all had a great time!
Will introduced them to Beyblade.

They all enjoyed Rock Band!
(even Rhett)

On Sunday, I joined some girls for a trip
to Grand Rapids to the Art Museum.
We had tickets to see the Diana exhibit.

We had such a great time! What a wonderful
celebration of her life. We got to see her wedding dress,
childhood pictures/home movies, jewels and dresses.

If you have not gotten to see it, check it out.
It is in its final week.

Also, at the GRAM, the art prize winner piece is on
display. Doesn't this look like a photograph?
Well, it's is a hand drawn picture.
(I wish I could have taken pics, but it is not allowed.)

Walking in the snow to eat!
Mine and Ashley's feet were soo cold!
You should always wear your UGGS!

Soo much fun! Ashley~ thank you for taking us girls!
Weekend fun is the BEST!