Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday....Mama!!!!! We Love You Very Much!!!!

The celebration started last night with dinner at Kumo Hibachi Grill! I tried fried rice and hibachi shrimp and chicken for the 1st time! Mom and Dad were so very proud of me! Rhett really enjoyed the fire and I loved all the cool knives and all the silly noises!

Daddy and I decorated the house for Mama last was!!!

Rhett liked his Mama's balloons so much...we attached it to his paci holder:)! He loves it!

Mama scored some really nice things! Rhett, Daddy, and I got her a lot of new clothes, shoes, a new purse, and some new stationary! Mimi and Pop sent her money and a few of Mama's favorite Rachel Ray cooking items! Maw Maw and Bern gave her a nice personalized jewelry box and a very nice scented wax warmer. Kevin, Mollie, Graham, and Jolie sent her a cool card and a Target gift card. Mrs. Kelly sent her a cute necklace, Mrs. Jen gave her a pretty flower, and Mrs. Bethany gave her a new scarf! Mama received a lot of calls from family and many special friends!

We had a great day today and thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Mama's 32nd birthday with dinner at Carrabba's, cake, and ice cream! Thank you for all you do for us and for being the BEST MAMA any two boys could ask for! We love you very much......Happy Birthday!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rhett Wade.....Turns 1!!!!

It seems he was born just yesterday.....January 7, 2008!

Big Brother Will, Cousin Jolie, and Cousin Graham help the birthday boy blow out his candles at Maw Maw's!

Now for the fun.....let's tear open a few gifts!

I love my family!

Check me out.....I'm starting to get the hang of this!

Hello Maw Maw and Uncle Kevin....thank you for my wonderful 1st birthday!

Playing Catch-up Again....Christmas and New Years in Henderson....Episode 2

Will and cousin Graham dueling it out with Harry Potter wands!

Cousin Jolie and Uncle Kevin having some fun bringing in the New Year!

Mimi having some one-on-one time with Rhett!

Rhett enjoying time with Uncle Kevin!

Will, Rhett, Jolie, and Graham enjoying all the wonderful toys left by Santa!

Cousin Conleigh and Rhett having a blast for their very 1st Christmas!

WOW.....did Santa leave all of that at Mimi and Pops?

Will feeding Rudolph and his buddies for a long nights journey!