Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Uncle Kevin turns 40

Uncle Kevin turned 4o in February! We helped him
celebrate his birthday in June with a drive and ride
at Texas Motor Speedway. It was fun not only for Kevin
but for the whole gang! What an experience we all had!

all the cars in the garage

cousins in front of the limo race car

enjoying looking at all the race cars

Waiting for Uncle Kevin to go through Driving School.

Jolie got to help push out the race cars.

Uncle Kevin all suited up for his drive!

Rhett did not make it to see Uncle Kevin drive.

Ready to DRIVE!

MawMaw bought us all tickets to ride in the race
car was a blast!

even Rhett got to ride

holding on tight before the limo starts

Thanks for the ride MawMaw!

Happy 40th birthday Uncle Kevin!
We love you!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Conleigh turns 2

Conleigh, our niece, turns 2! I can't believe this
little girl is already 2!! She is a doll!

wearing her new high heels

Conleigh's birthday party was at the Brookshire's Wildlife Museum.
Everyone enjoyed playing on the playscapes, fire truck, swinging and
getting cool in the museum. Rhett loved every bit of the playscape!

Will taking Conleigh for a fun slide ride...she loves Will!

Enjoying the fire truck!

Time for cake

Conleigh enjoyed her cake the most...she even wanted her
friend Cooper to join in on the fun...she said, "want some?"

I think she took a bath in the icing??

Two cool cats enjoying themselves!

Conleigh had a great 2nd birthday party. Will and
Rhett loved celebrating with her.
We love you Conleigh!

Monday, June 28, 2010

First Stop...Mexican Food

Oh how we miss having Mexican Food...Mercado's!
After driving for two days back to Texas...our first stop was
to have some good ole food! Will and Rhett did great in
the car and were ready to see their family.

Rhett and Conleigh...notice Woody and Jesse too!

Cousins glad to be together!

I am going to be sharing lots of photos from our trip to Texas!
What a great time we all had!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Very First...Half Marathon!

Jeremy and I began 2010 with a bang....we started training for our very 1st half marathon! It began when our coach and inspiration, Christa Zoch, posed a fitness challenge to our MOPS group in the fall of 2009! Along with our dear friend Bethany, we worked extremely hard and accomplished something we never dreamed possible.....we successfully finished the Borgess Run for the Health of It half marathon! That's 13.1 accomplishment we will never forget!
Christa and myself at mile 10! Mark, Ethan, Avery and Bethany's father-in-law, Norm, were there taking pictures and cheering us on along the way!

Jeremy at mile 10...go Daddy go!

Daddy at the finish line....with his biggest and most supportive fan, Will!

Christa and I crossing the finish line.....what a wonderful feeling! Thank you to Christa for supporting me along the way and helping me achieve a significant goal in my life!

Our MOPS fitness challenge group....Marianne, Bethany, Christa, and me! We did it!

A very special thank you to Bethany....she was a wonderful partner and accountability coach! We also want to thank Mimi and MawMaw for being there, cheering us on, and being there for Will and Rhett while we met a significant goal! Thank you for your support and for your love!
Since the half marathon, Bethany, Christa and I ran a 7K in Climax and Jeremy and I continue to run weekly to maintain our progress! Thank you again to everyone for your support and encouragement!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Soccer Trophy

Will and his coaches!


Will had a fun time at his last game and CiCi's Pizza!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Last Soccer Game

Tonight is Will's last soccer game. He has been playing
on the team Blue Bombers with Coach Mark Campbell
and assistant Coach Jeremy Bryan. This team has been
together since the fall. They have all come a long way!

Will and his buddy Ethan

Will is #6

Practice makes perfect!

Go Blue Bombers!!
What a great time Will has had playing on this team!
Thanks Coach Mark and Daddy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Career Day

Last week, Will's class had career day.
Will went as a professional CUBS ball player.
His class had a fun day and even interviewed each
other about the career they had chosen.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Daddy's New Toy

Well, Daddy got him a new toy on Friday!
He has been wanting a JEEP for a while now but
he wasn't able to find the right one. UNTIL...this past Friday.
He found one. On Friday, he took the train to
Chicago to pick it up. We have been enjoying it!
Maybe me more than him...I can't believe it, I have
been taking it everywhere. It is soo fun to ride around
town in. Today Will wanted to take the JEEP to school, so we did!

Even Rhett likes to take Daddy's JEEP! Maybe Jeremy
will have more time this weekend to enjoy it!