Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chicago Trip ~ March 2012

During Will's spring break his friend Lukas got
to come stay with us for a few days! It worked out
perfect! We took the boys to Chicago for an overnight
stay. The first place we stopped at was the
Lincoln Park Zoo.

in the conservatory

The polar bear was having fun playing
with a ball.

Lots of fish!

Rhett loved the hippo! He plopped himself
down on the floor to watch the hippo underwater.
The hippo was putting on a show!


One of Will's favs...the meer cats!

beautiful tulips everywhere

The tiger...


The gorillas were all of our favorites!
We watched them for about 30 min. They were putting
on a show for us. This one here was taunting the
silverback. He was using the sheet, mulch and
beating his chest to get the silverback to play with him.
It was so interesting to watch.

The silverback was HUGE...but he was playing so
gentle with the younger gorilla.


The LP zoo is located in the city. It is
so neat because the locals run through the
zoo...also, the zoo does not charge for
admission. AMAZING!

the boys

After we left the zoo, we drove through
Lincoln Park...what a cute district!
Then, the boys wanted to go to the Lego store
and eat at Cheesecake Factory!
Rhett picked out a ninjago head piece at
the lego store. Lukas picked him out a
souvenir too.

enjoying the bread at cheesecake

and the cheesecake too...they did eat dinner in
between...but I think the bread and the dessert was
their favorite

The city at night from our car. Lukas was so amazed
because he had not been to Chicago before. He said, I have
not ever seen a taxi before so it is neat to see some. There
were lots!

To top off the night...swimming at the hotel!

Wow, what a fun spring break!
We were so glad Lukas got to join us
for this trip! The boys had so much
fun together!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The weekend before we moved, we took a day trip
to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Will did not go with us because
he was spending time with Lukas. We had lunch at
a delicious place...Zingerman's! You have to try it!
Zingerman's has different locations in Ann Arbor.
We checked out the restaurant and the bakehouse/cafe.
The restaurant is decorated so cute!

the bar

Align Center
a collection of salt and pepper shakers

a first come first serve counter

The server we had was so nice. He shared info about
the restaurant and sight seeing places to hit in the town.
He also brought us a sample plate to nibble on while
we waited! Now, who does that? He was GREAT!

J and Rhett

me and Rhett

The flowerbeds are covered in oyster shells.
I had never seen this done before...unique to the

The roadshow & to-go is located on the
side of the restaurant.

You can walk up and pick up your call
in order or drive thru and pick it up.

The town is just like any other college town.
Busy with students walking everywhere.

State Farm bus in front of "The Big House."

The University of Michigan stadium is "BIG!"

Another part of town has some very, very cute
shopping! Also, Zingerman's Cafe is located there.
So we had to check it out!
Rhett had a chocolate pound cake...he ate it up!

Homemade gelto made here.
Candy too!

J checked out Zingerman's own coke.
It is yummy!

Rhett had fun dancing in front of the sweets.

If you get a chance to visit Ann Arbor, then you
will have to check out Zingerman's!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Well, we are moved in! We only have
the basement and guest bedroom to unpack.
We will work on those 2 rooms this week.
Mimi is coming next Thursday so we want
all the boxes to be gone by the time she arrives.
We have been working hard and playing too.
We have 2 boys that like to have fun!
So, that means we can not work all the time!

St. Patrick's Day 2012
Outback for dinner!
Will's favorite and becoming Rhett's too.
(just for the chocolate bread)

We took the boys to the "Bloomington
Blaze" last hockey game of the season.
It was fun. Rhett had his pic with "Scorch"
the mascot.

The next weekend we took the boys to
and indoor football game. We have never
been to one. The field is half of and outdoor
one. The team is "The Edge." It was
a great game and changed with only 1 min.
left on the clock. We won!

Rhett had his pic with "Spike" the mascot.

The half time entertainment was hilarious!
This man had to be from the South...he was
so good! He had 2 monkeys and they were
riding dogs to herd some goats into a fenced area.
He had an inspirational speech at the end of the show.
It was touching...telling kids to follow their dreams.
He had a dream in 1962 to own a monkey and he
owns 2! He loves the monkeys! Guess what?...I thought
the monkeys were strapped to the dogs but they were not.
He picked the monkey up, gave him a hug and kiss and then
put the monkey right back on the dog. They love to ride!
I think Will laughed so much he was crying. It was good

Will decided to have his pic made with
the cheerleader/dancer!
Wow, did not know she was showing
so much until I looked at the pic.
Rhett picked the mascot, Will picked the
cheerleader! (I do not even think Will noticed!)

Fun times here in Bloomington!