Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pre-Halloween Festivities!

Ghost, Goblins, and Ghouls are in the air! Although we've been celebrating one of my favorite time of years for the past two weeks, Halloween is finally here! Trick-or-Treat....smell my feet...give me something good to eat!

Will "Bobby Flay" and Rhett "Emeril Lagasse" Bryan say BAM by creating yummy ghost cookies! Thank you Mrs. Kelli (Stafford) for the scrumptious recipe!

Experiencing something new is a frequent term around our house these days! Will, Rhett, school friend, Ethan and little sister Avery, visited the Upjohn Heritage Community Nursing Home today and asked (no...begged) for candy! Not wanting to share the "sweet" goods with the little ones, the residents at Heritage Community were quite the crowd!

Harry Potter negotiating with Ms. Doubtfire for some wizardly fodder!

(Notice where the orange bucket is located? She's got her eye on the tootsie roll!)

Harry Potter and E-Bot have a great time strolling the Chamber of Secrets!

Our precious lion (Rhett) and sweet lady bug (Avery) discovered a forest of their own!

We had a wonderful time thanks to one of my new and thoughtful friends, Bethany! Since the day we met, I have appreciated her kindness and truly value her friendship. Thank you, Bethany.

We then stepped outside our door to another one of my newest friend's house, Jenn! Jenn and her mother, Marsha, decorated the house for an afternoon of festive Halloween fun!

Will and Lauren....seeing is believing!

Mia and Jenn...hello blue eyes!

Marsha, Noah, and Lauren!

Jenn and Ethan!

Rhett enjoying time with his Daddy after getting home from Chicago!

We're looking forward to a day full of fun and festivities! We hope you and your family have a goblin good Halloween!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mimi visits Michigan

Since we set sail on our new journey to Portage, Michigan, we've had one SPECIAL visitor, Mimi. Needless to say, we were all very excited to have Mimi visit us in our new home...and Mimi was too. Planning for months and anticipating her flight to the northern most tip of the United States, Mimi forgot one small token left from a weekend of "do it yourself Shabby Chic!" Oh yes......a good ole fashion screwdriver!!!! She knew Jeremy expected a lot...but asking her to bring her own screwdriver was a little much!!

And Pop thought he was only taking her to the airport?

Mimi seeing her angels for the first time in 2-months was priceless! Will used his usual charm and persuaded an airport attendant for a blank piece of paper and a black marker! With Will's charm and Rhett's creativity (?), Mimi was greeted with her very own Chicago "drivers!"

After a tour of Chicago and a scrumptious lunch at the Michigan Avenue Cheesecake Factory, we headed home for a weekend of fun, decorating, and good eating! Upon arriving to a house scattered with trinkets, nicknacks, and pictures of the loves of my life (Will and Rhett), Mimi began to work her magic and transform an everyday ordinary house into a very unique place we now call HOME!

Thank you for visiting and bringing our new home to life, Mimi! Your talent is as incredible as your love and kindness! Thank you for all you do for us! We love you very much and we can't wait for you to return to Michigan!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Apple and Pumpkin Picking Fun......Gull Meadow Farms!

We experienced our very first apple orchard and pumpkin patch in Gull Lake, Michigan....what a fun time we had! It's definitely fall in Michigan and we're starting to see the trees turn beautiful red, yellow, and is truly amazing! As the leaves are changing, the apples and pumpkins are ripe for the picking and picking we did!!!!

Apple Farmer Will is hard at work!

His pockets, underwear, shirt, and socks are stuffed full!

Now on to the pumpkins! The field was full of big, small, short, tall, and all shapes in-between...nothing like we had ever seen before! You can just smell the pumpkin pie and see the carved jack-o-lanterns!

Will found Mr. Perfect.....Rhett is vigorously searching!

More Bryan family fun!

A relaxing hayride to finish off a wonderful day!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Labor Day Weekend in Chicago!

Before Will embarked on his new journey to Kindergarten, we spent the Labor Day weekend in Chicago! Being only a short two and a half hours away from Portage, we made our way to the windy city. As you can imagine, the Lego Store was our first stop!

Will, Rhett, Mom, and Mr. Lego himself!

Will and characters (R2D2 and Darth Vader) from his favorite movies....Star Wars!

Our first stop on day two was the John Hancock Observation Tower! What an amazing view of Chicago and the beautiful coast line of Lake Michigan! we come!

Will just loves pictures....especially at 96 stories high!

Will and Daddy hard at work cleaning John Hancock windows!

Will leaving his mark on the wall of Gino's East Pizza during lunch! Yummy!

Check out our two little Hershey factory workers! What a sweet sight!

Will working his magic in the Free Speak area on the Magnificent Mile of Michigan Avenue!

Everyone enjoyed Millennium Park!

And our last stop, after a morning of shopping on Michigan Avenue, the ESPN Zone!

We had a fantastic trip to Chicago and enjoyed a number of things this wonderful town has to offer! Although we hated to see the warm nights of Summer go, our celebration of another great season was terrific. Goodbye Summer.....hello Fall!

Our Precious Boy Starts Kindergarten!

Although an extremely hard day for Mom and Dad, Will had a wonderful first day of Kindergarten! He is attending Woodland Elementary in Portage, Michigan and his teacher's name is Ms. Holkeboer! He loves Ms. Holkeboer and is thoroughly enjoying his class. We are so very proud of Will for his hard work, determination, and courage as he embarks on this new chapter of his life.

Will's 1st Day of School - Isn't he handsome?

Will and Ms. Holkeboer

Will, Rhett, and Daddy

Way too much excitement for little brother!

Welcome to Bryan Bros!

We want to welcome you and tell you how happy we are to have you join our new Bryan Bros blog! We're extremely excited to share with you our life and all the wonderful things we are truly blessed with each and every day! This blog is a dedication to the love of our lives....Will Ingram and Rhett Wade. We hope you enjoy the things we treasure and hold so dear! Thank you again and we hope you visit us again soon!

Staci & Jeremy