Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Sick

I went to the Dr. today and I have strep throat.
Yuck! I feel like I have the is HORRIBLE.
I do not want my family to get this! I feel like I
am swallowing glass. Rhett has been by my side all
day so I am worried about him getting it. Say a little
prayer for us...please! While I have this, I am thinking
about next weekend. I will be running my 2nd 1/2 marathon.
I can not believe I am doing it again...I hope I am ready.
I have to run 10 miles this weekend. I just hope
I feel like running. I can not worry about it. I just have
to take it day to day. But for now, my family is taking
good care of me. Soup, shakes and water. I think I have taken
about 5 baths today...more to come later.
Hope yall are staying healthy because it is not good when
Mama is sick!

pic from last years 1/2 marathon

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This was Will's reaction when he saw his
report card reward!

He and Rhett were happy to see a new, big
hockey net.

They had to try it out in the house.

Way to go Will...keep up the good work!
Hard work pays off!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter ~ 2011

We had a wonderful Easter!
Will and Rhett were excited to see what
The Easter Bunny had left.

The Bryan Boys before church

with Mama too

sweet brothers

getting ready to find eggs

one happy boy

Will helped Rhett hunt for more eggs.

trying to get as many as he could

opening the eggs

What a great day! We had a wonderful Easter service.
Will got to be with us for our service...he took great notes.
Rhett had fun in his class too.
We enjoyed some yummy food when we got home and
then it was time for the hunt.
Will and Rhett enjoyed finding the eggs and then
playing outside.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Egg Dying

We are getting ready for the Easter weekend.

Dying Eggs!

Will decorated his with "Star Wars" stickers.
Rhett decorated his with "Woody and Buzz" stickers
and tattoos. (sorry, I do not have a close up of his)
Thanks to a "special friend" for thinking of Rhett
when she saw the "Toy Story" dying kit.

We hope you have started planning your Easter
weekend?! We can't wait to go to
church and then eat some yummy food.
And we can't forget...hunt for some eggs!
HaPpy EaSteR!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Spring? Where are you? You teased us one day
and thank goodness we enjoyed it!
We got out!
Had lunch, sitting outside, at Culvers

rode bikes

played hockey

and skipped our to do lists!
That's okay...right?
I am soo glad we did because we have not seen
another spring day like that in about 2 weeks.
Okay WINTER, we are ready for SPRING!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cold, Rainy Soccer Game

While MawMaw was here...she braved the cold,
rainy soccer game. It seems like all first soccer
games in Michigan start out with this kind of weather.
MawMaw came prepared...hat, coat and gloves.

#9...Will Bryan

there's a smile

I wonder if this weekends soccer game will be the same?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Snowing in April

Looking out our windows...this is what we see!
Can you believe it? It is snowing in Michigan today.
This crazy weather! I bet the squirrels, birds and
flowers are a little confused.
MawMaw left Michigan just in time.

It is snowing pretty hard right now...looks so pretty
out our windows. I better go look for Will's snow pants
and boots for school. I am sure the kids will play in it
today at recess. Hope you are having a beautiful day!
(no matter what kind of weather you are having)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Museum with MawMaw

On Friday, we took MawMaw to the Grand Rapids
Public Museum. We wanted her to experience the
"Bodies Revealed" exhibit.

While Daddy, MawMaw and Will went to the exhibit,
Rhett and I rode the carousel a couple of times and
walked around the museum.

Will has been learning about the Portage Potawatomi
Indians. At the museum, there was an exhibit about
the Indians. We thought this was cool so we wanted
to get a picture of him by one of the Indians to share
with his class.

looking out of the treehouse

checking out the puppets

by the Mastadon

the mummy

We all rode the carousel a couple more times.

strolling through the streets of Old Grand Rapids

Giddy up!

After leaving the museum, we went to the mall.
Rhett took a little nap before we ate supper.
MawMaw and Will enjoyed looking at some
of their purchases!

What a fun day! To top it off, we got to eat some
yummy Mexican Food!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

MawMaw is coming!

MawMaw will be here today!
We can't wait to spend some time with her!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

K~Wings Playoff Game

Last Saturday night we enjoyed a K~Wings playoff game! They handed out red poms to all the fans!

Here they are!

Rhett is a fan of Slappy...the K~Wings mascot.
waiting patiently until Slappy notices him

Oh...there you are!

Look at that happy fan!

Rhett got Slappy to sign his red pom.

waiting for Slappy to notice him again

Oh...there is my fan again!

K~Wings won! The Bryan Family likes a
little physical action in the hockey game...
there was none of that.

Until...the end of the game. I guess they were
waiting...and boy did they!
It was kind of scary...I was worried about the
players at the bottom of the pile.

Breaking it up...everyone was okay.

What a fun night to see the K~Wings play!
They advanced to the next level.