Friday, January 20, 2012

Dr. Drill 'N' Fill

Rhett got Dr. Drill 'N' Fill for Christmas.
He loves it!

His favorite part is using the drill to fill the cavity.

Look at those BIG teeth!

He had fun being a dentist this morning.

I have got to get back to posting pics!!
I could not get the sledding video to work,
so I will have to have some help to get it going.
As always, I am behind...I have lots of catching up
to do!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oakland Park

Last Sunday, we went sledding/tubing at
Oakland Park!
The trees are so pretty with snow!

Rhett and Jeremy playing

cutie pie

Will had a great time with his friends!
PJ, Fielder and Tessa

I hope to post a video of Will and Rhett flying
down the hills. There is a smaller hill that
Rhett likes to go down and the larger hill is
for Will! Rhett did go down the larger hill with
me and was fun!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Day

Will had his first snow day last Friday.
Too bad State Farm did not close!
After lunch, we decided to have some
fun in the snow!

snow slingers
which make the perfect snowball

sledding down Jen's hill

Will had a fun time...he loves eating the
fresh can only eat it when
the snow is fresh because we have
so many deer tracks now that I would
be afraid Will might eat something else!

Rhett laying in the snow!

snow angel

Rhett with a snowball...looks like
he was not having fun but he was!


looking out our upstairs window
I think our neighbor's tress are so
beautiful with snow!

front window

We had such a fun snow day! We stayed
outside for about 2 hours. Rhett's fingers
were like ice when we got done...doesn't
bother him.