Monday, January 31, 2011


Last Friday, Will was out of school, Jeremy took the
day off and I got Mia to keep Rhett....we headed
to Bittersweet for a day of skiing!
On our way, we saw these men "Ice Fishing."
I bet they were all enjoying a day off too!

We also took in this pretty dam.

Ready to Ski!

The lodge has a huge warm up!

And we're off...

We all made a few runs on the "Bunny Slopes."

Before we hit the Sweet Express!

On our way up the mountain.

At the top of "Snowberry."

A few more snapshots.

I decided to take a break to warm up my
toes by the fire...Jeremy and Will did not!

On their way up for 1 last run!

Will flies down the hill!

Man, we had a Fun Friday together! Can't wait
for another day of skiing! Rhett had fun too...
playing with Mia.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Last year Bethany and I were getting ready to go to
the Oprah Show! We were looking for the "right"
outfit to wear and getting soo excited to be making
the trip to Chicago. When we moved to Michigan,
I told Jeremy that one thing I wanted to do was
to see Oprah. I really can't believe that we got
to experience her show.

We arrived at the Oprah Studios very early...waited in
line and then in a holding room. Here we are in
the audience. It was so fun and exciting! Oprah
really seemed down to earth.

Here we are outside the Studio.

We had fun looking around Oprah's store.

Before we left Chicago...we had to stop at
The Lego Store. Then we got some coffee
to help us get back home...we had been up
for a while.
We had such a great time!
A special memory was made!
Bethany, I am so glad we shared this together!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grand Rapids ~ Public Museum

Last weekend we took a day trip to Grand Rapids.
We visited the Public Museum to see the exhibit
Bodies was amazing! I was not allowed
to take pictures in the exhibit so I do not have any to share
from the exhibit. All I can say...if you get a chance to see will be amazed!

Here are some snapshots from our visit.

waiting to ride the carousel

Rhett decided he wanted to ride on the bench.

guiding the horse

Old Town

Will and Jeremy tried to ride the unicycle.

Fun times!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Enjoying the Snow

Jeremy and Will had fun in the snow!

making a snow angel


I am taking these pics from a window...Rhett and I
stayed in.

Ready, Set, Go!

Jeremy made a hill for Will to jump.

hanging out together

They had a great time together in the snow!
Rhett and I had fun watching from the window!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Echo Valley

Fun in the snow! Two weekends ago, it was such a
beautiful Saturday to go tubing and toboganning!
We loaded up and headed to Echo Valley.

Rhett is still too little to go down the tubing hill.
He did not mind, I pulled him around in the tube.
He thought it was fun...I love that Echo Valley has
small tubes...just Rhett's size.

Here are the tubers!

Will flying down the hill!

Both enjoying the ride!
(Daddy is waving in the blue coat and Will is beside him)

Wow! Look at that toboganning hill!
Daddy and Will are at the bottom of the 1st hill!
(when we moved here...I thought a tobogan was
a hat you wear on your head to stay warm...I was wrong)

They loved it!

Echo Valley has ice skating too!

Warming up by the fire!

Warming up our gloves and hat too!

Enjoying a ring pop!

Having fun in the snow! Rhett getting Daddy and
Will getting me!

All done...headed back up the hill!